Thank you for volunteering. This is a grassroots effort, without you we go nowhere... This is about taking our country back and it will take an entire Nation. Let's see how you can volunteer...

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Second Last Name (if any): (that's your mothers' last name in case you were wondering. (if you don't have/use one pls. leave blank))

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(yup, I thought long and hard on asking for these next two fields but if you're going to help I need a way to contact and coordinate with you guys.

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(Not necesary, I don't like getting calls from strangers either, but please provide either a telephone number or an e-mail for a way for us to contact you so you can volunteer. Pls enter your phone with no dash or spaces or that one one (1) in front of it, like this: 2345678901 (we're going to have computer read and process these and you don't want to confuse them, they're not that bright (and no, they will never take over)))

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So, how can I help?:

Drive people to/from places so they can get their id's. (we will coordinate these drives accordingly)
I can drive people to/from places to vote in election day. (this most likely be organized in loops to/from popular places)
Help feed people in food drives (just labor, not food or money)
Help spread the word!!!

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